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Dr. med. Violeta Doci

Dr. med Violeta Doci “Why?” was the first word that Dr. med. Violeta Doci clearly spoke out as a child. The question of “why” is today still the driving force that encourages her to find solutions to the problems of modern medicine. As an assistant doctor, she gained experience in various areas of expertise, before she decided to get specialized in ophthalmology.


2006 - to present      Established ophthalmologist in Hamburg (Practice) and consultant for eye surgery

2008                  Doctorate at the University of Marburg (Professor Dr. Dr. Wolfgand Wiegand), subject cyclophotocoagulation

2004 - 2005       Assistant Doctor at the Ophthalmic Clinic, Schwerin

2004 - 2005       Assistant Doctor at the Ophthalmic Physician Department, Leer

2002 - 2003       Assistant Doctor at the Community Hospital, Leer

2000 - 2002       Assistant Doctor at the Ophthalmic Surgery Clinic by Dr. med. Magner, Hamburg

1997 - 1999       Assistant Doctor at the ophthalmic doctor’s office by Dr. med. Koss – Wellbrock and Dr. med Schwemmer, Berlin

1997                  Doctor at the Laboratory Clinic by Professor Dr. Engelhardt – Rößler, Berlin

1996                  Assistant Doctor at the Traumatology Surgery Clinic by Professor Dr. med. Willebrand and Dr. med. Luthmann, Idar – Oberstein

1993 - 1994       GP at the Hospital Burrel, Albania in the fields of gynecology and traumatology

1986 - 1991       Studies of medicine at the University of Tirana, Albania , End of the study with State Exam in the Department of Surgery and Therapy as a general practitioner