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Further planned developments

Currently, an implant for the prevention and treatment of ocular hypertension, which can lead to blindness, is under development. A major cause of ocular hypertension is the occlusion of the so – called Schlemm’s canal, a vein in the eye. In the case of ocular hypertension the intraocular fluid is not able to drain off properly through the Schlemm’s canal.

Since drug treatment is not successful for all patients, we have devoted our research to the root causes of the problem. The approach of Doci Innovations starts with stabilizing Schlemm’s canal mechanically and keeping the inflows open. This can be realized with a stent, a medical implant that is inserted into the hollow organs to keep them open.

To implant the stent into Schlemm's canal, the material must be smaller than the canal during the implantation. The idea of Doci Innovations tries to enable this procedure by using a special material of the implant: It is made of a shape - memory alloy, a metal that can apparently "remember" a previous shape. During the insertion, the implant has a stable thread shape. Due to its small size it can be inserted easily and securely. By warming to body temperature it takes the final shape, in order to stabilize Schlemm's canal optimally. The implant of our stent is easy to perform and scores effective results, in comparison to other surgical procedures.