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Use of the spiral needle for a new type of skin lifting

With the spiral needle of Doci Innovations, the plastic surgery gains a new and unique technique of tightening, concerning the skin lift – no conventional surgical cut, drug injections such as Botulinum Toxin A or fillers are needed.

Surgical method for skin lifting

Spiralnadel Faden

The surgeon inserts the spiral needle, including the thread into the skin surface, through the lower and middle layers of the skin through to the muscle layer.

Once being in touch with the spiral needle, the subcutaneous layer and the muscles that touch the spiral needle at the muscle attachment, roll up slightly.
On the other side of the lifting area, the spiral needle is gently taken out of the skin, without picking up the thread.

The two ends of the thread are held by the surgeon; if the thread tip is absorbable, it remains in the skin or on the skin surface due to its anchor-like shape. Now the surgeon can pull on both sides of the thread. The subcutaneous tissue, which is passed by the thread, pulls the muscle attachments together.
Thus, the skin tightens for a very long time - this is ensured by the long-lived thread that grows together with the skin. Depending on the thickness of the lifting of the skin area, a spiral needle can be used with different diameters respectively.

By choosing the correct diameter and the skin depth at which the treatment is carried out with the spiral needle, the surgeon can precisely determine how tight the subsequent lifting, concerning height and length should be.