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The Doci spiral needle™

One of the most important developments of Doci Innovations includes a patented spiral needle, which finds application in the wound-healing and in the plastic surgery. With various designs of the spiral needle, the doctor can achieve a perfect cosmetic wound closure, he can perform a simple liposuction or apply a new method of skin lifts.

Spiralnadel 1

The spiral needle is wound like a corkscrew. It is designed as a hollow needle. Inside of the needle runs the surgical thread, which usually has an absorbable tip. Depending on the application (e.g., muscles, sublayer or fatty layer) there are different variants of the spiral needle available, which differ in diameter, inner thickness and size of the threaded hole. The spiral needle can be twisted to the right or to the left - depending on which direction it is to be sutured.

The spiral needle for liposuction has small holes with which it absorbs the destroyed fat tissue.

The surgeon inserts the spiral needle in a rotating motion into the tissue. The deeper the desired needle duct, the larger the diameter of the spiral needle has to  be chosen.