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Innovations by Doci Innovations

The leading innovations of our company include a gentle method for laser eye surgery for vision correction (2005), as well as the spiral needle for plastic surgery (2008), developed by us.

The innovative method for laser eye surgery was first published after lectures at international congresses in 2008 as a patent. At the request of many colleagues Doci innovations released this procedure for general use. Likewise, Doci Innovations proceeded with the property right for a surgical technique for subcutaneous suturing of surgical wounds.

With the set-up of Doci Innovations spiral needle, the surgeon may suture wounds subcutaneously, quickly and accurately. In the plastic surgery, the spiral needle enables a new surgical technique for skin-lifting, as well as for liposuction.

A further development in the field of Ophthalmology is the accommodative artifical lens. Since 2003 Doci Innovations has developed several artificial lenses, one among them with a unique “spring haptic”. The “spring haptic” was published two years ago as a patent. With the help of our developed injector, patented in 2010, the artificial lens can be inserted easier and quicker into the eye, during a cataract operation than traditional artificial lenses.

In 2010, we have patented an instrument for the surgery of cataracts, which lowers the risk of complications during the surgery. With this instrument the surgeon can carve and open the front lens capsule (capsulorhexis) easier to remove the eye lens and to insert the artificial lens.

In the field of photovoltaics, we currently design - inspired by our knowledge of optical interrelations - concentrator cells with a combination of hemispherical, as well as alternately concave and convex surfaces. Even in unfavorable incidence of light they are able to achieve a high energy yield. The concentrator cell is removable and can be used and removed on any surface